New to You, My Favorite Thrift Store in Albert Lea

New to You has been a part of my childhood since the beginning. I cannot remember a time when it was not part of our shopping route. When my sisters and I were in need of new shirts, pants, or dresses New to You was our first stop. Now that I am a mom of four little ones New to You has become my first stop in dressing my kiddos!


I have bought clothing and shoes there for our whole family. We have also found other great treasures such as books, games, life jackets, dishes, movies, jewelry, and purses from New to You. My moms latest treasure was an ironing board she found for half price! They have of the items have all been clean, well made, and have had a lot of life left in them.

New to YouNew to You is a family owned and operated business by mother and daughter team, Laurie Boyer and Amber Lopez.
They are fabulous at running their business!

They have regular 1/2 price tags and frequently have special Facebook sales. To keeping up with the changing seasons they frequently rotate the items they have in stock. There have been days I haven’t found anything but, I’ll go back the next week and I hit a jackpot of great items at great prices!

New to You in Albert Lea

Thrift stores are an amazing way for me to pinch our precious pennies. They offer cute and affordable clothes that allow my girls eyes to sparkle because feel beautiful. My boys walk around in confidence in their camo print clothing and handsome church clothes.

Consigning is a great way to make money with your gently used clothing. It allows you to avoid the hassle of a rummage sale while still making a few extra dollars.


If you are interested in consigning with them here are a few things you’ll want to know:
1. Your items will be there for 60 days.
2. They are full price for 30 days and half price for 30 days.
3. You receive 50% of sales.
4. Any items that do not sell you are welcome to pick up two days before end of consignment period or items will be donated.
5. Clothing must be in excellent condition, freshly washed, not too worn.
6. Please have them neatly folded as they are easier for them to go through.
7. They do not accept Holdiay Decor, Ceiling fans, light fixtures, computers, printers, TVs, older microwaves, cribs, or car seats.

New to You in Albert lea

New to You is located at 123 North Broadway, Albert Lea. Their phone number is 507-373-0388.

Their hours are Tues-Fri. 10-5 and Sat. 10-3. Thank you New to You for allowing me to clothe my kiddos without breaking the bank!


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  1. I love thrift stores. You can always find such neat things there. I’ll have to check them out.

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