How do you choose multiple curriculums?

Big Island Rendezvous

Seven years ago when we began homeschooling I was overwhelmed with what curriculum to choose. I was even more baffled by the moms who were piecing their curriculum together. I could not figure out how they knew which pieces of what curriculum programs to use. It all seemed like I …

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The difference a stop sign can make

Albert Lea stop signs

Over the last several months a team called, Make our Neighborhood Safe, was created. Their goal was to get a three way stop put in at an intersection in town. Tragically Sophie Stultz a precious, sweet girl was killed when she was out riding her bike with a friend. She …

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Has God prepared me for nothing

The darkness is as light to Him. Even when I cannot see where I am going, I am directed by His mighty hand and I can trust him.

During church today we were singing, “we believe in God the Father. We believe in Jesus Christ and he’s coming back again.” I do believe this is true, but do I believe it only in the times I think he’s good. I have also been contemplating how God provides for …

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Spending time as a family at Farmer John’s Pumpkin

We'll be back next year!

*We were given four pumpkins to help facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest, ours and based on our experience. I have always loved everything about fall. I love the cooler temperatures, beautiful color changes going on in nature all around us, harvesting the garden and the …

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When the darkness pisses me off!

The gift I didn't want

For years I shut out the pain of the world. It was too painful, too hurtful and honestly it is still painful and hurtful. It is still a place filled with evil and as a believer some days, most days, everyday I have to fight to make my way through …

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How to bring peace back into our home

Canal Park Brewing Company

Mark’s accident has continued to put us at a standstill so to speak. God used it to help us change our course or maybe rerouting us is a better description. He has taken a few things off of our buffet and it seems he has helped us whittle it down …

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Save $100 on family-friendly Hawaii vacations with Pleasant Holidays – USFG’s new travel partner!

I am so excited! I just learned that US Family Guide has partnered with Pleasant Holidays, a leading provider of package vacations. They’re based in the U.S. and have great deals on family vacations worldwide – Hawaii, contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Europe, Tahiti, Fiji and more. …

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Big Island Rendezvous is a welcoming family

It's always a great day when Minnesota Jack Sparrow is around.

In the spring of 2016 I wrote a post sharing a few ways our family volunteers in town. I wanted to give tangible ways Albert Lean’s could get involved in our community. Perry Vining the founder and coordinator of the Big Island Rendezvous found and read the article. He commented …

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What could I have done better?

Working with Perry Vining to promote the Big Island Rendezvous gave was an experience we were able to take away many learning moments.

Last year I finished the Ultimate Journey and I had made a promise to myself, I would no longer be afraid to try. Trying before meant I could fail. I could belly flop and there was no way on this earth I wanted to do that. I had been laughed …

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