An Inside Look into the Confidence We see in Others.


Most of the time when I ask a question out loud, I have been pondering it in my heart and mind for quite sometime. When I am finally ready to ask a question I have usually formed thoughts and opinions already and need someone else’s perspective to challenge what I’m …

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Our First Day Back to School

We had our first official back to school day today. Well, honestly, we school throughout the year. We don’t technically take a “break” during the summer, but I do become more laid back and we only continue to work on math and language arts. Homeschooling year round works well for …

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The Wizard of Oz OPENS at the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center!

Photo courtesy of Dan Borland Photography

I have always loved the theatre and I have been blessed to live in a community that values the arts. Albert Lea’s ACT on Broadway in my opinion rivals Broadway or Off Broadway. This is certainly true with this summer’s production of the Wizard of Oz. I was invited to …

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What Can I Do?

MACHE conference, What Can I Do?

I have been silent both on Social Media and on our blog about the violence going on around us. It breaks my heart and I find myself asking, what is my role in all of this? I have been thinking quite a bit about the verse in the bible that teaches …

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The Big Island Bar-B-Que Welcomes Bloggers to Albert Lea

The Big Island Bar-B=Que cordially invites bloggers to their KCBS and World Food Championship event. Fun for the whole family there will be chili and appetizer tasting on Friday night. There will be free live music, you will be able to meet grill masters from all over the country and experience …

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I Don’t Want to Look at Today

It’s easier to hang on to the past and look to the future than to look at where I am today. Honestly, today hurts. Today didn’t go as planned and it hasn’t for the last ten years. Honestly, I feel robbed. I feel robbed of confidence I am only now …

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Can You Change Your Dream?

It is so easy to focus on what other mama’s, women and families are doing. It is easy to see perfectly posed children, smiling in a picture. What we usually do not see is the mom and dad jumping up and down trying to get the shot. We don’t see …

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It’s Totally Worth it at Worth it Massage Studio!

*I was given a massage to help facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and completely mine. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend than starting it off by having a massage. It sounds like a win, win situation to me! Well, it should have sounded …

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Birthday Supper at Canal Park Brewing Company in Duluth, MN

Mark’s birthday was passed over at our house in March. We were plagued with sicknesses and did not have energy to celebrate. He said, “that’s ok, we’ll celebrate in Duluth”. Celebrate we did! He had one place in mind, Canal Park Brewing Company! I am pleased to tell you, we …

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