Joyful Noise 2016 Inflatable Toy Field

*We were given admission tickets to this event to help facilitate our review. All thoughts are 100% honest and our own.

We love Friday night at Joyful Noise, the evening performances get us pumped and even more excited for Saturday! The gates open at 10am on Saturday and the parking lot is usually already full, with people waiting at the gates to get the perfect seats.

With our kids still fairly young we don’t usually get to the event after lunch. This gives us time to get a slow, relaxing start to the day. We check out of our hotel and head to the National Sport Center in Blaine, MN. We park and then have a tailgate picnic before we go into the event. This has worked great for us each year. We eat lunch at the car and then purchase supper and snacks inside the event.

After a delicious picnic lunch we made our way to the entrance gate of the Sport Center. We quickly found a spot to set up our chairs, with a great view of the performance stage. Close enough to see the performers, far enough back near a grassy area for our kids to run and play.

Joyful Noise 2016

We settled in and talked to our family and friends near by. A few minutes later we were off to check out the inflatable Toy Field a few feet away. It had opened at 10am and long lines had already formed. The lines did not deter our kids one bit and they were happy to wait in line for their turn.

The inflatable toy field is a HUGE football size field filled with bounce house fun of all shapes, sizes, colors, and fun. There were huge bounce slides, mazes, basketball game, and Maddie tried one that was similar to the show wipe out. She made it look like a piece of cake and it clearly wasn’t since five kids before her had fallen off. I was super impressed with her skills.

Maddie, Lydia, and Griffin wanted to give the trampoline a try. They were strapped into a harness which was attached to bouncy cords that were lifted in the air, this allowed them to bounce super high, flipping, and dancing in the air.

After a day of playing on the inflatables, they needed a nap.

After a day of playing on the inflatables, they needed a nap.

The peaceful, joyful, kindness, and compassion of the people that attend this event shine through. There is no pushing in the lines, no yelling or rudeness. An example of this is while my sister and I were standing in line for the kids to jump on the trampoline. My sister made the comment she wished she had remembered to put sunscreen on my four year old nephew. A guy behind us had heard her and said; “here, I have some, you’re more than welcome to use it.” Right then and there she put sunscreen on Griffin.

The inflatables are sturdy enough to allow adults and children of all ages to enjoy. There were grandparents, parents, kids, and toddlers enjoying every square each of the inflatable field.

When the evening performances began the inflatable field closed. Everyone wandered back to their lawn chairs, ready to sing to Meredith Andrews, Matt Maher, David Crowder, and Chris Tomlin.

Thank you to KTIS and their sponsors that continue to make tickets to Joyful Noise affordable. It is pure family fun we look forward to every year.

To see more information about this years event, you can visit the Joyful Noise website here. Stay tuned for ticket information for Joyful Noise 2017! Tickets usually go on sale around Thanksgiving, performers begin to be announced around fall. You can be sure I will keep you up to date on all of the information that becomes available!

Make sure to get your early bird tickets to Joyful Noise 2017!



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