Joy in The Marvelous Mud House

*We were given The Marvelous Mud House to help facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and based on our experience.

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I have a heart for the mission field, but not as you imagine. I firmly believe we live in the middle of a mission field right where we live. I have as much of an impact right where I am, and I do not have to fly over an ocean to a different country to do so. However, I also know God calls the hearts of his beloved to serve him in other countries. The Lord has placed a passion in my heart to help families stay together. I want to help families start a business and be able to put food on the table, send their kids to school and provide dignity to their hearts. One way we do this is through Mama Zwazo. The ministry is aiming to employ women in Haiti. When I heard of The Marvelous Mud House, I was so excited to bring this book into our house. I wanted to give our kids a glimpse of understanding into my passion.

This book has pages filled with insightful truth as well as beautiful illustrations filled with vibrant colors. The Marvelous Mud House begins with introducing us to George and Mama George. A son and mother who sell vegetables up, up, up one side of the mountain and down, down, down the other side of the mountain.

George desperately wants to attend school, but without the funds to afford his tuition, books, and uniform, it seems out of Mama George’s reach. Every day she prays and leads George with confidence in a prayer, “We’re rich, my son, rich in love, strength, and life! The Giver of these hears every cry! let’s lift up our hands to the God who provides.”

One day while selling their veggies they meet a family from Okalohoma. A family who has rooms full of toys, games and who attend school regularly. While this family has much to be grateful for, their hearts still have a hollow, selfish place. Then they meet George and Mama George, both family’s lives change forever.


When God lays a mission in my heart and mind, I want to research to see if there is already a missionary organization in place I could bless. Are there missionaries already doing or living where God has laid on my heart. If so I want to discover what their purpose and mission is to make sure my skills match up with what they truly need. If I do not have those skills, I want to figure out what I can do to help them obtain the skills or equipment they need. Do I know skilled workers with the same mission passion? I could help raise money and send them to help out. In our house, we ask, “are your actions or words blessing or frustrating.” Then honestly seeking to answer the question. I want to ask this same thing when I am mission minded. Am I looking for self-fulfillment through the missions or am I honestly going to aid in what needs to accomplish?

The Marvelous Mud House with its beautiful pages and a truthful message will remain a classic on our bookshelf. If you would like to purchase this lovely book, you can click the Amazon link below.

This blog post contains affiliated links to a product that we love. If you click on the link and purchase the idea, we will receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you chose to click on the link and buy the product.



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