Taking inches off with the Ultimate Body Applicator

*I was given a Ultimate Body Applicator to help facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and mine!

Ultimate Body Applicator

When Tiffany Wise Fortney messaged me on Instagram with a 40% off special for the Ultimate Body Applicator I have to admit, I was completely skeptical. While I have been skeptical, I have also been intrigued by these body wraps and curious to give them a try. I’m usually willing to try anything at least once. My question was, “do they really work.” I messaged Tiffany back and asked if she would be willing to partner with our blog and send me a sample. She checked out our blog and willingly agreed to work together.

I received my wrap in the mail about a week later. I carefully read the instructions on the wrap packaging and Tiffany was also kind enough to send a card with additional tips to take as many inches off as possible.

Ultimate Body Applicator

The weekend rolled around and I was finally able to carve in time to give it a try. I took a shower to ensure my skin was as clean as possible. This would allow the lotion on the wrap to soak into my skin and body as much as possible. Mark was kind enough to help me put it on.

Here are the instructions Tiffany sent me. Choose the area you want to tighten, tone, and contour (I chose my stomach area). Place cream side of the wrap on the skin & wrap with saran wrap (we didn’t have saran wrap on hand, but we did have an ace bandage and that worked great). Leave on for 45 mins. (Mark set his timer on his cell phone).

I was also told to drink lots of water, 8-16oz while wrapping and 8 glasses each day. In her words “The more you drink; the more ya shrink!” I was also suppose to stay away from caffeine and carbonated drinks during the 72 hours. It was recommended to not get wet for 4-6 hours to allow the cream to not wash off my body.

Ultimate Body Applicator

The cream is suppose to work for up to 72 hours.

Do I think it worked. Mark and I were amazed, I truly do think it worked. I was sure it would be a silly experience we would laugh at and move on with our day. I wasn’t even sure it would end up turning into a post I would want to write.

The first day I measured at 50 inches two days later I measured at 48 inches. Mark and I were sure we measured wrong and measured three times. Sure enough, I had lost a couple of inches. I am now curious to know how many it would take to drop even more inches. Especially combined with a healthy eating and exercise.

Ultimate Body Applicator

What I appreciated the most about this product is the confidence and encouragement it gave me to eat healthy. It was exciting and encouraging when I was able to see results and it gave me momentum to keep going, giving me energy and confidence.

Thank you Tiffany for the fun experience. I’m looking forward to sampling more products! If you are interested in giving the Ultimate Body Applicator a try, you can contact her on Facebook page or her Instagram account.

Have you tried the Ultimate Body Applicator? What was your experience?


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