Rolling into Roller City in Mason City! Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota Gem!

Growing up my family has always been close to my moms sister Sharon. We spent many weeks during the summer at her house. Any Friday we had off of school meant a possible weekend at her house. I have so many amazing memories spending time at their Northern Iowa home. Living in Southern Minnesota our drive to her house was a short forty five minute drive. I have memories of floating down the Shell Rock River on an inner tube, biking around their small rural town, and roller skating at Roller City.Roller City in Mason city

Growing up I had white roller skates with pink wheels, pink laces, and a bright pink brake on the toe! I had the coolest pair of roller skates around! When I got older I saved all the money I could and eventually bought the best pair of roller blades on the market. Whether in my white and pink roller skates or my hard earned roller blades, they both hold memories for me at Roller City.

Roller City is a family owned and operated roller skating rink in Mason City, Iowa. I have roller skated there for birthday parties, private parties, homeschool skate, and open skate. Each time I have gone it has been a party on wheels! Playing games such as the Limbo and the Hokey Pokey.

Here’s some new things I learned about Roller City!

1. Tuesdays they are offering Laser Tag from 6-9pm at $8 per person.

Roller City in Mason City
2. Wednesdays they are now bringing TJ’s Bounce City! From 11am -1pm they have toddler time for $5 per person or $10 a family. In the afternoon they offer jumpy’s from 3:30pm to 8pm at $7 a person.

Safety Note: there is a$2 fee for grip socks! You are also aloud to bring your own grip socks if you have them.

FYI: Moms of toddlers! On Wednesdays Roller city encourages you to bring a sack lunch for you and your kiddos! This way the kiddo’s can run around, burn off energy, have lunch, and then go home and take a great nap! It’s a win/win for sure!Roller City in Mason City

Bring 10 or more friends and receive a discount for Laser Tag, Bounce city, and regular open skate times!

As a mom I am appreciative of businesses and communities who continually look for ways for families and kids to get out and have fun. Roller City has always been one of the front runners in the community committed to family fun!

Thank you Roller City for being committed to having amazing events for toddlers, families, and a safe place for kids to hang out! Let Roller City help you with all your birthday party, private party, and family fun plans! Contact them today!


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  1. This place looks so fun!

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