Planning for Joyful Noise 2017 for the Whole Family!

*We were given Joyful Noise Tickets to help facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are based on our experience, true and 100% our own.

We love, love, love Joyful Noise! It is absolutely one of our family’s favorite summertime events in Minnesota! Awesome music artists, great food onsite of the venue, well organized, and the bounce house area are AMAZING! We are a family of six and planning ahead definitely helps to keep our parental sanity. There are some things you are going to want know before you head over to the National Sport Center in Blaine, MN for the concert with your family.

Outside food is not allowed into the Sports Center, not even snacks like granola bars or trail mix. Here’s what we did. For lunch we packed a cooler with sandwiches and other picnic style food and we left it in a cooler in our van. Then for dinner we bought food from the vendors. This worked great for us and allowed us to not spend too much on food.

Raincoats, sunscreen, and bug repellant! One of the years we went to Joyful Noise it rained a good portion of the weekend. Although it made things a bit wet, we still enjoyed the concert, even in the rain! Umbrella’s are only permitted for folks with a special medical conditions. As for the sunscreen and bug repellant, well in Minnesota, these are two things we keep in the car all summer long. For more FAQS click here.

Ear protectors for the whole family. Mark and I didn’t wear ours, but we were thankful we had brought them along. We purchased inexpensive hunting ones at Wal-Mart (they even had pink ones for the girls). These ear protectors are great because they adjust small enough for the kids, but big enough to fit adults. They even make ear protectors for babies!

Saturday is our family’s favorite day of the event! The field next to where the concerts are held is family fun central! Bounce houses of every kind are set up and free for event goers. The year Titus went with us, we literally spent over half of our time at the bounce houses. They had giant slides, baseball, jumpies, and more!

Blankets and lawn chairs. There is bench seating for concertgoers, but we have found having our own lawn chairs with backs and blankets for the kids have worked the best and are the most comfortable.

We are blessed to have KTIS put effort into planning, promoting, and hosting this even every year. They continue to bring in the best of the best in Christian music. Every year we cannot believe it is actually better than the year before! Thank you KTIS for encouraging fun, family and faith! Check out this year’s line up here. Purchase your tickets here.

*We were given Joyful Noise Tickets to help facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are based on our experience, true and 100% our own.


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