Music changes our attitude

Music is important to our family. It can be a game changer in an emotionally hard day. When I am writing it is often what helps me convey the right feel in an article. Similar to writing, music helps me process the world around me. I am going to start sharing some of my favorite songs, albums, and performers. Last year we partnered with many of the bands who played at Joyful Noise. After getting to know them we realized many of them have an incredible message. The reasons they get up on stage is because God found them when they were at the end of their rope, sunk deep in a pit neither they nor anyone else could get them out of. God met them in their brokenness, offered a relationship to them, out of desperation they accepted and peace flooded their souls. Joy among their circumstances abounded.


It is this sweet joy and peace they have they want to share with others. They sing about the freedom in Christ not because they are perfect, but because they were broken vessels and God loves them anyway.

During the time I was going through The Ultimate Journey, I was driving in the car one day. I was frustrated at our circumstances, angry we were not gaining any traction in life or from my perspective we certainly were not. I came to a mental crossroads as I have often found myself and I had a choice, was God still good or wasn’t he. In these moments I doubt who Christ is and what he is capable of doing through me. The Mercy Me’s Song, Greater came on. “Bring your tired and bring your shame, bring your guilt and bring you tears, don’t you know that’s not your name. You will always be much more to me.”

I started listening to this song over and over. Instilling in my heart the truth of who I am in Christ. The truth of how he sees me and loves me. When emotions are running high in our house, this is a go to song for us. I will crank it up and it is amazing how it begins to stir and soften our hearts. Our attitudes, minds, and hearts shift. I hope you are as blessed by this family favorite as we are.


My rebel heart loves Jesus. It has been a journey learning about his love for me, but he continues to fight for me and has won my heart. I am learning to love and respect my husband Mark. After four years of being a mommy I fell in love with the role God had given me and I am now a passionate homeschool, stay at home mom. I love outdoor adventures with my family and our husky Skye. I love creating delicious physically and emotionally satisfying meals. I love walking life’s hard road with those around me. I want to be a friend to the friendless and be a beacon of light and hope to the weary.

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