How do you give homeschool one on one time to multiple kids?

We utilize unit studies as much as possible in our homeschooling. Everything from science and history to art and family work time. Working together inspires the littles to learn and it inspires the oldest to lead. It also teaches to respect all levels of learning.

As much as we try to combine learning in our family. There are subjects the kids need to learn on an individual basis. As the kids get older we will gravitate further away from unit studies as they begin to focus on interests and goals.

One of the biggest things I have had to learn in regards to the kids individual learning time is to not get so focused on what time of day we get it done. If I have a busier morning with the twins, then Maddie’s one on one time may get moved to after lunch or we may do it when the younger kids go to bed. Being creative and flexible keeps the tears at bay, because I know I can be flexible. In my perfect world all of our schooling would be done between 9-11:30ish, but it isn’t a perfect world and I need to allow the imperfections flexibility.

Our family has fallen in love with MathuSee and SpellingUSee. Both curriculums are from the demmelearning company and I love the way they introduce concepts. I am a big fan of the way they build upon the concepts they are teaching. Each new concept builds upon and adds to what they have already learned.

Maddie will be finishing up Beta (Multiple Digit Adding and Subtraction) by September and will move into Gamma (Multiplication). Naomi and Titus will be going into Primer, this curriculums basic math. I wish I had started with Primer with Maddie when she was in first grade, but you can’t go backwards, so, we keep pressing on.

Back to school

This is our first year using SpellingUSee and we have started Madde in Wild Tales. It was the right choice to start her, it is challenging but is right at the level where she can still do most of it independently. Naomi and Titus are using the first book, Listen and Write, again this was a good choice for Mark and I to make for them. They are building upon their reading skills we have already been working on, but are now adding the spelling element to it. Giving them a visual lesson of what they are trying to ready, helping their brain and body to understand the reading concept together.

We have learned quality is better than quantity and demmelearning products match our goal to achieve this with our kids. It creates a fun, relaxed learning environment to encourage them to take leadership in their own lives and education.

We have recently fallen in love with Apologia Science. We were originally going to start it with Maddie, then I discovered they have junior notebooking journals and I could include the twins. It was a win/win! The assignments are simple enough for the twins and as complex to make it more challenging for Maddie.


Maddie’s math is requiring more one on one time lately and I needed to change the switch the times she was doing math and spelling. I now have her do her spellingusee work at the same time I am working on the twins with spelling. Maddie is able to do these concepts on her own. Then when I am finished with spellingusee with the twins, they occupy Timmy while I sit down with her and we work through each problem and concept together.

How have you managed multiple one on one time with your homeschool kids?


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