Family Fun Picnic Area in Northwood, Iowa

Growing up I spent weeks at my Aunt Sharon’s house. Two weeks of riding my bike all over their small rural town in Northern Iowa. Playing in creeks, living at the park literally right next to their house and having a grand ole time. My mom would often meet her halfway. This would allow both of them to only drive about 15 minutes and Northwood, Iowa happen to be the town smack dap in the middle.

Playground Equipment

We would meet one of three places. The Gas Station, the canon by the police station or we would meet at the park. We always hopped it would be the park because then we would get to spend hours playing while they chatted at a picnic table. Now that my kids are grown I often meet my cousin’s to pick up their kids to come spend time with us. I chuckle as I meet them in the same spots I did as a kid.

Picnic Pavillion

This last weekend Mark and I were looking for a park to visit, but we didn’t want to drive too far. I threw the idea of the Northwood Park and Mark agreed it was what we were looking for. The lush green grass and the sound of the water flowing from the Shell Rock River is relaxing.

Picnic Shelter

The park has a picnic shelter with a fireplace and picnic tables, as well as picnic tables scattered all over the park. One of the other reasons I love this location is because there is equipment spread out over a large area. Which means my kids will not be sitting on top of each other and bickering.


Titus loves the climbing wall, while Naomi and Maddie are enjoying the challenges of the various monkey bars they have. All three of them love going to the park because on the other side of the footbridge is the Northwood pool.

Gazebo pavillon

They have the perfect pool for moms with young kids. All four of my kids can swim, have fun and be in separate places while I can easily keep an eye on all of them. Their life guards are patient and the pool manager has been known to have the kids at the pool playing games and winning prizes. They even have three slides at the pool.

Shell Rock River

If you are looking for a fun place to spend time this summer with your family Northwood, Iowa has you covered. You can find out pool information here.



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