How to bring peace back into our home

Mark’s accident has continued to put us at a standstill so to speak. God used it to help us change our course or maybe rerouting us is a better description. He has taken a few things off of our buffet and it seems he has helped us whittle it down to a platter. A platter we really like and one we think we will be able to go after full force. Honoring our family goals and business goals at the same time.

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One of the things I am trying to do is bring peace and organization back into our home. Continuing to strive as Val Plagge inspired me to do at Corn, beans, pigs and kids. When asked what her goal was for the year her response was not blog or farm related. Her response was to do what makes her family happy. This has seemed impossible for me to meet this year.

When God literally smacked us and began changing our course, doing what makes our family happy came to mind. I needed to get our family back on track. I began praying and asking the Lord to show me what it looks like for this season in my life.

She loves helping the kids with their home work or sitting under the table licking their feet and distracting them.

She loves helping the kids with their home work or sitting under the table licking their feet and distracting them.

Little did I know the answer was kinda simple. I needed to get back to our core tasks that help keep our home running smoothly. I needed to get back to meal planning, shopping and getting meals as prepped, frozen, cooked or chopped as much as possible a head of time. Winter is a great time to get back on track with this because we eat a lot of soups and stews. Super easy to make gigantic batches all at one time. I use a roaster instead of my crockpot and I can make three gallons of soup at one time. Awesome!

We had also been operating with a laundry day for each person. When Maddie and the twins were little I needed this schedule. It was the only way I could get anything done was by chunking up my tasks throughout the week. Now that the kids are older I realized I need to revamp how it is getting done. My sister Emily has one day a week she does laundry and I told the kids we are going to try something similar. A whole day dedicated to laundry, we’ll work together to keep it going and fold the laundry together. I think I will get a better, positive response from our kids if they know it will be a team effort. They will be dismissed from their cleaning zone that day and we will tackle laundry. When I suggested this to them they all seemed to be on board. Maddie asked me what would happen if it didn’t work. This has an easy answer, we’ll just go back to the system we were using.

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Yesterday I sat down and wrote out a meal plan. I then went to the stores I needed to get all of the groceries I would need to begin operation meal prep. I diced, sweated, baked, rolled, and got breakfast and dinner items made a head of time.

I feel like I am on the right track. I especially see Mark happier and lighter knowing things at home are being taken care of. I am more relaxed knowing the food we are putting into our bodies is healthier and more cost effect. I am also more peaceful knowing meals will be easier to make happen and Totino’s pizza will not be the meal of choice this week. I love knowing there is chicken soup in our freezer, ready to go when and if we get sick.

It’s a great and wonderful goal to have my goal do what makes our family happy. When we are more relaxed, we are happier. When we are happier, we have more to give each other and the world. We’re slowly getting back on track.


I am an accidental blogger. It’s true! I started blogging when our twins were born seven weeks early as a place to keep everyone updated. When they were strong enough to go home I began using it as a place to journal. I didn’t think anyone was reading it, I wrote purely to help myself process life around me. When I realized friends and family were reading my writings, I had to make a choice. I decided I had to continue writing as if no one would read my stuff. I love being in nature, it is where I feel the closest to Jesus and where I feel the most peaceful. It wasn’t until Maddie turned four that I realized I loved being a mom. It didn’t come easy and it wasn’t natural, but I am thankful God transformed my heart. Thank you for coming along on my journey. Any journey with God is one wild ride.

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