There is no BS with Daisy Blue Deodorant keeps the stink away

*We received products from Daisy Blue Naturals to help facilitate this review. It is honest and based on our transparent experience with each product.

Daisy Blue Naturals Deodorant

We are in process of slowly switching out the products we use on our body. Everything from our dish soap, laundry detergent, lip balm, lotion and other products we have taken for granted everyday.

It is amazing to me how relaxed Mark and I were about putting products on our body we couldn’t pronounce. Even scary is how comfortable we were putting chemicals we knew nothing about on and in our body. Honestly, we didn’t think we needed to care. Our bodies were running like well oiled machines and so we carried on not carrying. The products we were buying from department stores had been working or so we thought.

Over the last ten years Mark’s body has been deteriorating right before my eyes. It started with not being able to rock climb anymore, something he loves to do. He use to do fingertip pull ups and multiple climbs in a day, but he has been reduced to stopping all together.  Slowly he could not even mountain bike.

One of the noticeable issues he has always struggled with even before I met him was sweating profusely. So much so that a doctor even agreed with him. The answer was shower often and use more deodorant.

When he was diagnosed with lyme disease his deodorant was one of the first products we wanted to switch out. Thankfully Daisy Blue Naturals made this an easy switch for us. Jena Thomas, the owner and founder had two different kinds for us to try.

Daisy Blue Naturals Deodorant

The first one is called No BS Deodorant and is a charcoal base stink remover. I was intrigued by this one, because I know that charcoal is used to aid in detoxifying. Pulling chemicals out of the body. He used this one for about a month, but he still had a strong body odor towards the end of the day. Which for him was actually progress, because normally he would have to reapply several times in a day.

We wanted to see if the stink would stay away completely when he switched to the deodorant that was baking soda based. Amazingly this one did a fantastic job all day long! For Mark, the Natural Deodorant Cream did the job and did it well.

Daisy Blue Naturals Deodorant

I wasn’t going to let Mark have all of the fun and I also tried the deodorant, but I started with the natural cream first. It worked so well for me I did not try the charcoal based product. To use we use about a dime size amount and apply with our finger. It might sound odd to apply with your finger, especially since we are use to to applying with the help of a plastic container.

From now on we are sticking with Daisy Blue Naturals deodorant! I am personally inviting you to check out their website to find out more about their products and/or to learn about Jena Thompson, owner and founder of the company.

Daisy Blue Deodorant

Note: If you have health care concerns like we are facing and you are not sure if it is safe to use with your regiments of medicines, please contact your physician before using. We are not health care professionals, we are sharing what has worked for our family and our bodies. Because God has made all bodies with different generic makeup it is important for you to know what works with your body. If in doubt contact the company who makes the product or your doctor.


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