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Ok. I’m not going to lie…it feels weird to be writing this. Robin is the one who does the reviews usually and I’m not a big fan of health and beauty/cosmetic products for the most part. I just had to put my two cents worth in about Daisy Blue; specifically about their line of lip care products.

I have, as long as I can remember, struggled with chapped lips. For some reason my lips never seem to produce enough moisture on their own. During the summer in the right humid climate my lips do better, but they still peel a lot. During the winter, especially here in Minnesnowta or in a dry climate any time of year, I often look like I got punched in the lip. Every time I open my mouth to eat or smile a crater opens up and blood starts flowing.

Over the years I’ve had advice about lip care from all ends of the spectrum, from drink more water, to stop using lip balm because your lips are addicted to it, to Carmex is the best lip product ever. I have never liked having any gunk on my lips, but I value well intentioned advice and I understand the wisdom of learning from other people’s experiences. At the same time, I’ve also always felt the need to experience everything myself. So…I’ve tried just about everything people have suggested. Due to my dislike of lip products and the variance of names for them I had, at some point, begun referring to them as “lip stuff”. Since lip stuff is really annoying to apply, wipe off, and re-apply throughout the day I usually applied a ton of it right before I went to bed so it wouldn’t all wear off on my pillow. Having it on for 6 to 8 hours in a row seemed to get the best results.

I found that though Carmex worked, it did seem like my lips were addicted to it. Carmex did heal my cracked lips, but didn’t seem to improve my overall lip health. I also tried various Blistex and Chapstick products. The Chapstick never seemed to be strong enough to heal the major cracks and although the Blistex seemed to work, I think it had the same issues as Carmex.

I did try, multiple times, to stop using lip stuff all together. I already drink a lot of water…at least enough to keep me well hydrated (I’m pretty sure our bodies get a good chunk of the water they need from the food we eat). At any rate, I combine good hydration with not using lip stuff. I tried to go without it for various periods of time, from a week to a whole month. Regardless, not using it never seemed to work either.

I have to be honest. I think that there is one product that has done a pretty decent job. Neosporin has an overnight renewal lip balm that has usually worked really well. Yet, I can’t get away from it. My lips are never able to heal completely or stay healed enough to go without it for more than a night or two.

Daisy Blue’s lip stuff has had a better effect on my overall lip health. It does the best job helping my lips get back to being able to produce the natural moisture and oils they need to be healthy without any product. I can use Daisy Blue’s lip stuff as intermittently as I want and my lips still do much better. Furthermore, I have to admit that Daisy Blue’s lip stuff is the only product that I don’t mind wearing throughout the day. As I mentioned, I don’t like the annoyance of having to apply and re-apply all the time. I also don’t like the feeling of lip stuff on my lips during the day or while I’m eating. I still have to adjust to that feeling, but with Daisy Blue’s natural recipe I’m comfortable with it on my lips at any time.

With Daisy Blue’s lip stuff, I love my lips (think Veggie Tales’ Larry the Cucumber).


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