Floral Inspiration at The Red Geranium in Clear Lake, IA

*We were given gift certificates to help facilitate our review. They are our opinions, based on our experience. They are honest and 100% ours.

Our family is always looking for fun field trip ideas. It can be tricky to find an adventure we all enjoy and appreciate. Titus was less than impressed when we accepted the invitation to the grand reopening of The Red Geranium. However, the girls could not wait to see the home decor and floral arrangements. Timmy was just happy to be along.

The Red Geranium

The grand reopening happened on RAGBRAI week and whoa, when we pulled into Clear Lake there were bikers everywhere. All three of our big kids had huge eyes at all of the activity going on in Clear Lake. Streets were blocked off, and we immediately knew something awesome was happening. We found a place to park a few blocks from downtown and easily walked to where all the action was going on. The Red Geranium was easy to find as it is on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Avenue. Food vendors, bikers, and spectators lined the sitting n the sidewalk and those walking up and down, visiting shops.

The Red Geranium

Beautiful hanging floral baskets hung from the light pole out in front of the store. Large windows with beautiful floral arrangements and home decor greeted us before we stepped into the store. A warm, happy feeling of lake life hospitality greeted us.

The Red Geranium

As we stepped into the store, our noses smell the fresh flowers and greenery. Classy works of art, home decor statement making pieces hung on the wall, while subtle and charming gifts were arranged decoratively on the tables and floors. The whole store silently spoke of the skill, care, professionalism and the ability of their designers to take a vision and turn it into a reality.

Naomi and Maddie immediately loved the store as a whole. Titus, however, fell in love with two distinct pieces. One was a simple wooden box and a wooden picture frame. He only had eyes for these two pieces. Every so often he would walk over to me and take me to these pieces and say, mom, aren’t these awesome. He has a love of building and creating, these pieces spoke to him.

The Red Geranium

It is not often that he goes into a shop like The Red Geranium and takes a fancy to something. Mark and I knew we could not go home without these two pieces. We took them up to the counter, and Titus beamed as we bought him his treasures. He is now dreaming and trying to figure out how he, too, can create such treasures for others.

The Red Geranium

One of the things that caught my eye was the brilliance of color, freshness, and beauty of the fresh flowers in the floral case. I have heard the flowers at The Red Geranium are long-lasting and they only accept the best flowers. They have even been known to send flowers back that did not meet their high expectation. Nothing but the best for this floral shop.

Clear Lake is a favorite weekend getaway for our family, and we are excited to add The Red Geranium of must go-to places when we visit.


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