Happy birthday, 2016, Robin Russell

A post in tribute to my beloved wife. Warning: this may be mushy (like British peas).

There is much I wish to say on this very special day this will be a way to say I’m glad you were born today. God is teaching me to love the way only He knows you need to be loved. As I learn these new languages I pray to communicate love fluently to you on this day, your birthday.


You are an amazing woman of God and that is honestly what makes me love you the most, but there are many other reasons I love you for which I would now like to toast:

  • I love the way your beautiful hair flows behind you while riding bareback (one of the first memories I have of you).
  • I love that you are a cowgirl at heart.
  • I love that you taught me how to operate a backhoe and that you are, as my father would have said, tough-as-nails.
  • I love that you’ve learned to embrace womanhood and emotions and have become the woman after God’s own heart that you were born to be.
  • I love that I was originally attracted to you partly because you are a great cook and have become more of a culinary artist over the years.
  • I love that you are a loving, kind, patient, sympathetic, mother to our children.

2016-06-11 19.11.58

I love you in so many ways and my love for you grows all of our days. I am reminded of something you are known to say: “I would so greatly miss the very things that annoy me most about you, if you were no longer here,” because I love you so and I love that you love me too.

Happy Birthday Robin Russell!


I love nature and wildlife photography and building websites. I've been told I'm an artist and I tend to overthink. I dabble in abstract painting and I love camping, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities/sports. Yet none of that is who I am. I am what I call a "follower-of-Christ", not a Christian (Ask me about it some time). My writing is mostly me thinking out-loud. It will be an acquired taste but I will continue to do it even if no one ever reads it.

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