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Warning to grammar Nazis: you may not want to read this, or any of my following posts. While I do have a good grammar background from my high school and college education I am purposely going to avoid trying to use proper grammar. if I do use proper grammar it will be purely coincidental by what was ingrained into me by that education. Otherwise, this may be a bloody massacre of English grammar as we know it.

That said, I should add that this education that is so ingrained in me was mostly private Christian schools and colleges. I have many thoughts on this particular subject. And that brings up another good point: I am writing this particularly for myself and and attempting to put my stream of thoughts in writing. And though it is for the general public for the purpose of transparency, I am dictating it to my phone and there will be many rabbit trails and it may seem very hard to follow for some readers.


The man you see here; a reflection of some of the feelings he felt at the time of writing this post.

Just now I am mostly contemplating the pain in my arm. I had a car wreck about two weeks ago and the left side of my body is bruised and achy. I also suffered a concussion and have no memory of the actual accident. I also struggle with my energy level as I am healing from the wreck. In addition I am fighting the dizziness caused by my pain medicine, which doesn’t seem to do much for my pain.

Now I also had the thought that I should video blog, vlog, but the problem with that is the pauses… because of the way I am writing, thinking, and/or would be talking there would be… You know now that I think about it or should say the more I think about it I may indeed try to turn this into a vlog and do some videos instead of dictating my writing. But for now I’m only going to dictate because that’s just what I feel like doing right now (it even hurts my hand and forearm to type).

There is more to come. Stay tuned.


I love nature and wildlife photography and building websites. I've been told I'm an artist and I tend to overthink. I dabble in abstract painting and I love camping, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities/sports. Yet none of that is who I am. I am what I call a "follower-of-Christ", not a Christian (Ask me about it some time). My writing is mostly me thinking out-loud. It will be an acquired taste but I will continue to do it even if no one ever reads it.


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog, Mark.

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