Forces at Play at the Minnesota Children’s Museum inspires Titus and Timothy.

*We were given a membership to the Minnesota Children’s Museum to help facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are based on our experience. They are %100 honest.

I recently applied to become a Play Advocate for the Minnesota Children’s Museum. The day we received our acceptance email we all did a happy dance in the middle of our living room. Prior to applying to become a play advocate, we had visited the museum for the first time in the spring when the kids needed to wear off winter energy. We could have easily spent days exploring each sections of the museum. All three of my big kid’s eyes sparkled as they investigated, explored, created and experienced the world around them.

Our first event was a meet and greet event. We had the privilege of meeting several of the museum’s key behind the scenes employees. Their passion and love of what they do was evident as they moved around the room to welcome each person who had attended.

One of the first things I noticed when we entered the food area was how each area of play was tailored not only for my big kids, but it was safe for Timothy to play in each of the areas as well. Depending on each of the kids skill level and abilities, they would would be inspired to try, maneuver and explore the world around them.

After we had eaten a delicious supper we headed towards the elevator to head to a new area, Forces at Play. As we walked to the elevator there were signs of construction all over the place. The museum closed December 3 because they will be working throughout the winter to create brand new play areas. As we walked to the elevator there were protective walls up all over. I loved how they had thought to cut square windows into the walls and put plexi glass in the squares.  Kids and adults had the ability to watch the construction workers, watching real men and women on the job.

We took the elevator two floors down and all three of my big kids gasped as we stepped off of the elevator. Ping pong balls where flying through the air. Kids were learning how to maneuver air to get the ping pong balls to move in different directions. I saw kids who had not met prior to the event working together to problem solve. I also saw big kids helping little kids fit pieces together and work with them patiently.

Next to this area was a car wash. A real, live, car wash. Titus was in heaven as he hooked up hoses, watched water flow from one place to another. He loves to explore, draw plans and build the plans he has created. His eyes sparkled as he was in figure-it-out heaven. Maddie and Naomi were soon right next to him soaping up the windshield.

I saw problem solving, leadership, teamwork and critical thinking going on as my kids thought through what they were doing. I saw kids having to figure out who would lead and who would follow. I saw Timothy in awe as he felt the bubbles, heard the water and participated in everything going on around him. He was able to safely touch and explore the world around him as much as the older kids. A place geared towards the small and the big is amazing to me. Usually a place like this can cater to one, but not all, the Minnesota Children’s Museum has accomplished this and more.

Our kids cannot wait for the museum to open  up and they can play and explore the other new areas. Luckily for them there are three other Children’s Museum locations open throughout Minnesota while we wait. There is one located in Rochester, Mankato and at the Mall of America. It is a great way to let kids run and play, use their imagination and escape Minnesota’s cold winter days.

*We were given a membership to the Minnesota Children’s Museum to help facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are based on our experience. They are %100 honest.


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