Why does my dog have two collars?

Skye is a Siberian husky mixed with American Indian dog (so we were told when we adopted her).  American Indian dogs look very similar to huskies. If you were to see one, you may mistake it for the other. She is not only beautiful, she is super smart. If you were to meet her you would notice she has on a thick black collar and a thinner pink one. Why would we do this? Great question, I’m glad you asked. Let me explain our furbaby.

Husky with two collars

We know from experience that she can jump at least four feet. She comes with me on the trek to tuck our kids in at night. One night while I was tucking Titus into bed Skye began to pace. Pacing is not uncommon for her, but then she sat down and jumped up on the to bunk to lick Titus’ face. We both looked at each other shocked and then we busted up laughing.

We know she can climb stairs and I would not put it past her to climb a ladder.

Dog with two collars

When we picked her up on the day of her adoption we were told she had wondered over to a near by neighbors. They had put her in their backyard with a six foot fence in their yard. When her former owner stopped to pick her up Skye was gone and was waiting for them on the porch when they arrived home.

Husky with two collars

Skye has two collars on because right now we do not have a fenced in yard and she loves being outside. We have a cable right outside of our front door we clip to her black collar to let her out to go potty and to play. The pink collar has her dog tags on them, if she were to do as quite a few huskies have done and slipped her collar. She would still have her dog tags on her to make sure she gets back to us safely. We want to make sure we have equipped her to find her way back home if she comes up with great escape ideas huskies often do.

Do you have a husky? How have you tried to outsmart your furbaby?



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