Come One, Come All! It’s History Fest Week in Mankato, Minnesota!

History Fest in Mankato MN

Walking back through history

Last year we were introduced to the History Festival in Mankato, Minnesota by a good friend of ours. They had been going with their boys for a few years and absolutely loved it. Mark and I try to fill our schedule full of field trips in the fall. The hope is that by the time the snow starts falling we are ready to hunker down for a while and actually enjoy the down time winter often brings to Minnesota.

One of the field trips we have made a priority is the History Fest! At the History Fest we got to watch knights dueling to the death and royal coin Stampers who work for the queen.

History Fest in Mankato MN

We also met cowboys, blacksmiths, and pioneers.

History Fest in Mankato MN

Tomahawk throwing and spearing throwing are two of our favorite stops along the way.

Hisory Fest in Mankato MN

Hands on learning at its best

We met a pioneer woman who taught us how to clean sheep’s wool and thread it on a spindle. Making strong thread and string for weaving, knitting, and crocheting.

History Fest in Mankato MN

Our very favorite part of the History Festival is the hands-on experience! Each exhibitor makes their part of history as hands-on as they possible while still making it a safe environment for the kids and their families. After we watched the knights joust and sword fight the kids were allowed to hold the shields, helmets, and armor. History Fest in Mankato MN

The pioneer woman who spun wool allowed the kiddos to help hold the wool straight to make it easier to spin.

History Fest in Mankato MN

Attempting to lasso lamb and steer heads the kids were able to taste a bit of the cowboy or cowgirl’s life.

History Fest in Mankato MN

My favorite part of History Fest is there is not a set schedule we have to follow. We are allowed to come and go from exhibitors depending on my kids attention spans. They have a whole section of free and fun games for the kids to play. My kids will usually spend an hour in this area alone.

Fairies, face painting, a petting zoo, and so much more. This is one event we will make sure to have on our schedule every year!

History Fest is always held the second weekend in October. Wednesday through Friday are educational days. Public, private, and homeschool groups are invited to come! Saturday and Sunday is open to the public.

Did someone say candy shop?

Bring a sack lunch or food vendors are  available onsite. Our last stop of the day is the candy shop with licorice, fudge, and other fun confections!

If you are interested in attending the History Fest and I highly recommend you do. You can get all of the up to date information at their website.

We’ll see you in the olden days!


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