ALEAP brings Eric Shoars to Albert Lea to give our community tools for marketing

Desiring to be business partners was never on Mark and I’s radar. I was going to do the mommy thing and he was going to work a w-2 full time career job. It fit neatly into our plans, until it didn’t. I had developed into a serious blogger, making fun and exciting new connections. Becoming a blogger meant I needed to have a full understanding of social media marketing. Mark is a web developer and isn’t it handy the Lord allowed our individual skills, passions and experiences to marry and work together.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to run a business with your spouse, but I image it tends to be a bit more difficult than if my business partner was not related to me. We have the liberty to tell each other (um, yell) exactly how we feel about what they are or are not doing. Much like our personal relationship we each had a unspoken version of how we thought it should be done. We had to learn to communicate on a business level. We had to learn to not only hear, but compromise and admit the other person was right. We could not take it personally, we needed to settle ourselves down, be humble and be willing to change.

We needed to go back and visit our core together. We needed to bring in outside perspective into our personal and business lives. When you own a business, often times personal and business life merge together. We have hired a business coach and the level of confidence it has given us has been worth every bit of the energy, time and money we have put into it.

We are also going to attend a ALEAP-U event March 20th, 22nd and 23rd. This three day marketing class will be taught by Eric Shoars for only $30! He is teaching businesses how to have successful marketing strategy’s. The first evening is focused on The Marketing Bridge – what links your customers to a sale, the second evening is Digital Literacy – understanding what it is, how to use it and why you need to and the third and final evening is Unique Selling Point (USP) – What makes you, you? And why should I care?

Who should take the ALEAP-U class? Business owners, organization leaders, event planners, high school and college students who have a desire to learn business and those who dream of opening a business. If you are interested in taking this class with us you can find the direct registration link here

Who is Eric Shoars? Good question, I had the same one, here is what I found and I was impressed.

I am excited to take the ALEAP-U classes with other business and community members in Albert Lea. Come learn, grow and go forward as a community team to continue to create thriving, contributing businesses. When businesses do well, families do well and our community completes a healthy cycle.

I am also excited to sit beside Mark, my best friend and business partner to continue to grow the business God has put before us. We continue to trust him as he leads us. Accepting outside help is one of the many steps we are taking. No one can do it alone, join our community and grow!


My rebel heart loves Jesus. It has been a journey learning about his love for me, but he continues to fight for me and has won my heart. I am learning to love and respect my husband Mark. After four years of being a mommy I fell in love with the role God had given me and I am now a passionate homeschool, stay at home mom. I love outdoor adventures with my family and our husky Skye. I love creating delicious physically and emotionally satisfying meals. I love walking life’s hard road with those around me. I want to be a friend to the friendless and be a beacon of light and hope to the weary.


  1. Good for you taking the class and focusing on each other! Sounds like it will be valuable information!

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