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Media Kit About Robin:

I am a follower of Christ, wife, homeschool mom to four kiddos, community cheerleader, proud Minnesota native, culinary inventor, and adventurous outdoorswoman. I enjoy Exploring Minnesota with my family, attempting crazy science experiments, and date nights with my hubby. I live in a small, rural Southern Minnesota town close to the Iowa border. Essential oils play an important part in my family’s daily wellness. I believe organic and natural starts with knowing and working with local farmers. Learn more about my family and me here.

About the blog:

I blog about my everyday adventures as a child of God, wife, homeschool mom, community cheerleader, Minnesota traveler, culinary inventor, and outdoor adventurer.

Blogging Stats:

Twitter – 2,511
Facebook – 428
Instagram – 862
Pinterest – 187
Unique Pageviews: 3,557


Balanced mix between men and women ranging from 24 – 35. Predominately in the United States.

Brands I work with:

Freelance Writer for

Brands I have worked with under

Our family enjoys working with companies who have quality, unique products that fit with our family’s niche. If we would tell our relatives and friends about your product, we want the world to know about them, too. Let’s work together to get your products and services known.

Sponsoring a giveaway is a great way to generate traffic and create awareness for your products or services. To create a flow on our blog, we have found it most effective to run a giveaway along with our review of your company. We need at least two weeks to run a giveaway. Items must be shipped to the winner promptly.

If you are interested in doing a giveaway without a review, we would be interested in talking with you as well. Contact me, and together we can figure out the logistics. Items must be shipped to the winner promptly.

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We are honored to promote brands by placing your company’s logo on our website. If we love your product and share it with our audience, we want to talk to you about an Ad space on Russell’s Adventures. Contact us for details.

Sponsored Posts
For a fee ($175) I will write a post about your company’s products or services. Posts must remain on my site and fit with our niche.

Russell’s Adventures Policies:

Reviews are free of charge with a product valued at $75. For products less than $75, there will be a fee.

  • Products must be full size for our family to give an honest review of your product. It will become the property of Russell’s Adventures.
  • After reviewing your product, we will write an honest opinion of your product or service.
  • A blog post between 300-500 words will be written.
  • The post will have links back to the main page of your website or other social media links you request be put into the post.
  • The post will be posted within two weeks of receiving the product.
  • We currently post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.
  •  We run an uplifting and encouraging website. Therefore all products must be family friendly.


Giveaways are free as long as they are accompanied with a product valued at $75. The giveaway product must also value at least $75. For giveaways without reviews, there is an additional fee, contact me for pricing.

  • Our family uses rafflecopter to help facilitate our review. The winner will be notified via email.
  • When the winner is selected you will be informed; I will give you their shipping information and your company is expected to ship the product promptly.
  • Giveaways are managed per the various social media policies. We will not run a giveaway in an unethical manner.
  • Purchases for entries is prohibited by the FDA and will not be allowed.
  • Facebook Promotion Guidelines say we cannot ask the reader to take action for a Facebook entry. Liking your page is okay, but actions on your wall will not be allowed.
  • Any violation of the terms of the social media platforms can warrant an immediate removal of a giveaway by Russell’s Adventures.

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