Creative Kids Club at Kelly Gau Art Studio

*We received a creating session at the Kelly Gau Studio to help us facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are based on our experience and are honest and 100% ours.

Kelly Gau is one of the best gifts God has given to the world. Her compassion, patience and gift of inspiring the outward loveliness in us all is priceless. As a mom it is even more important to me the messages of confidence, patience and love she inspires my kids to find. I love how she chuckles as she is able to pinpoint the young ones birth place. It gives her an ability to understand the what and the whys going on their brains. Also knowing she is praying for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom with each soul who enters through her doors, it becomes holy ground where God can work and does work.

Creative Kids Club

When she invited the North Iowa Bloggers to create at her new studio location at 136 S. Broadway in Albert Lea, Minnesota the kids cheered. I could not wait to see the inside of her new studio. Any time I get to spend time with her is a true joy.

This summer Kelly has a whole line up of creating fun for the littles in your life. Every week the she is going to provide a different art project for the Creative Kids Club to accomplish. We all know paint is part of the experience at the studio. Did you know hammering will also be a part of the experience. True story!

Naomi lives, eats and breaths art. The difference in her joy is abundantly clear on the days she has purposefully put art into her day. Titus on the other hand creates art through taking things apart. He wants man projects. Wood, hammer, nails, dirt and manliness. Our recent art project accomplished both goals! High five and rock on, Kelly Gau!

Creative Kids Club

First we sanded a square block of wood. True to the nature of the studio the polished look of the wood could be as smooth or rough as the creator wanted it to be. Even Timmy was able to get in on the action. The whole time he kept saying, “I do it, too”! Indeed he did do it too. Sanding, painting, hammering and weaving the string. He of course had hands on help every step of the way.

If your little is going to need hands on help like Timmy did and you have other kids coming with you, it would be good to let Kelly know a head of time. I was able to bring a high schooler with me to help tackle the project with my four kids. Bringing a spouse, grandparent, friend or simply giving Kelly a heads up will help both of your brains enjoy the experience so much more.

Creative Kids Club

You are going to want to get your kiddos signed up for the Creative Kids Club ASAP because sign up ends June 8th! You can go to her Facebook Business Page, click on the shop now button and you can purchase it online. You can also swing into her new studio and chat with her about the classes if you need more information. You can find her contact info here.


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  1. ummmm…. you are surely a shining star on my journey! Thank you for the kind and compassionate words! You bless me AND make me blush!

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