Color your own Glow in the Dark Halloween Tote

It is a tradition in our family to head over to my sisters on Halloween. We visit our relatives in the nursing homes and each of the kids dressed in their costumes, love showing them off for their great grandma. Once we’ve made the traditional rounds we head back to Emily’s house for Papa Murphy’s pumpkin pizza. While the adults usually enjoy warm bowls of chili, cheesy cauliflower soup or something along those lines. This year Naomi had a chance to color her very own bag for the occasion.

Do your kids love getting letters and packages in the mail as much as ours do?

I have shared before how creating masterpieces is as necessary to Naomi’s life as breathing. It is how she processes the world around her, and it is how she deals with her emotions. I treasure the times when I can sit down and create with her one on one. She talks, and I listen.

I have learned the hard way to make sure the projects we are creating are easy and accomplishable.  Then, as she gains skill in the various art forms, we can move add more complicated aspects into her creations. I recently found a craft that fit the bill for both of the goals I was looking to allow her to create with ease. Colortime Crafts and Markers – Glow in the Dark Halloween Tote! It was a price I would happily pay, and even better, I could buy it in bulk. 

When I visited their website, I saw they have a wide variety of clothing and accessory options to color. From t-shirts and tote bags to pillow cases and teddy bear t-shirts. The markers did not bleed all over the material, nor did it stain our hands from the marker or as our hand brushed the parts we had already colored. The lids easily snapped on and off, which means I won’t hear, “mom can you please snap this back on,” over and over.

Naomi had a smile on her face the whole time. Partly because she was creating and partly because she had me all to herself. With three other siblings, it can be a struggle to carve time out for each one, but it is well worth the investment to do so.

We will be ordering Colortime Crafts & Markers again. If you teach Sunday school or activities with large groups of kids, this is worth looking into for your church, event or organization.


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